Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Carnival Time!

King cake!
I have been busy, busy, busy this Carnival season. I'm riding in Nyx this year, and I'm super excited about being part of a krewe! I was able to meet my float-mates during/after the general Nyx meeting on January 6, and they are awesome women. I've gotten great parade day advice and hung out with them over drinks and crafting over the past couple weeks.

We ride on Wednesday (2/26). I'm on float #21, on the top level, neutral ground side, position #5.

Earlier this month, Tom and I attended the Nyx ball, which was fun. Got all dressed up, had to wear a mask, met new Nyx sisters and partied down with the ones I already knew. Drank gin and tonics all night long, and was actually able to make it through the night till the breakfast buffet came out.

Masked selfie

Marching band in the ballroom

Presentation of the royal court

My float sisters

Discarded masks

The court and float lieutenants were introduced, as well as our Grand Marshal, Susan-freakin'-Spicer. Then the Zulu court came and danced... and we got to see a couple of the dance troupes as well.

Another thing I've been doing (and stressing about) is making purses. Nyx's signature throw is hand decorated purses (in the tradition on Zulu's coconuts and Muses' shoes) and I am so not crafty. I've had a lot of help from friends, though, and have learned a lot for next year. I'm going to keep my eyes open all year round for cool stuff to glue to purses, because I panic when it's crunch time.

Note: I did NOT make this.
 Parades start tonight, there are parades Saturday afternoon and night, and then daytime parades on Sunday. I can't wait! I love this time of year. After this weekend, a couple days off until Nyx rolls on Wednesday. Then more parades form Thursday through Tuesday. I'm ready!

Canned beer for parade drinking
I gotta figure out my costume for Mardi Gras, though. That is SO not ready.

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