Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Permanent homes and consistent updates

Oh, my. I am so sorry. It's been three months since I updated you, my firstborn blog. It's not you, it's me. I've found myself concentrating exclusively on my beer blog since I've been writing about beer professionally and full-time. I have to "build my brand" dontcha know.

But! I'm going to try to be better, and update here more frequently. At least more than once a quarter, jeez.

Mea culpas aside, I've got great news (which at this point, is kind of old) about one of my favorite topics of this blog, the popup culture.

First of all, Chef Rob of NOLA Smokehouse is still doing his thing. He's been working with the NOLA Pie Guy on a Sunday night popup behind the PJ's on Magazine (near Jefferson) and has created a new concept, the Stack-A-Mac, which appears to be a custom created mac & cheese. Note his new URL, ChefRob504.com.

Second, two of my other favorite popups have opened new permanent locations, both on Magazine Street uptown.

Noodles & Pie, the popup that operated out of Coulis on Sunday and Monday nights for a few short months has been working on converting the old Reginelli's space on Magazine and State into a restaurant for what seems like FOREVER (but really hasn't been, but I am impatient.) We went for dinner a couple weeks ago and it is still awesome. Let me paint you a picture using pictures:

Ramen (the noodles)

And pie! Apple,. I believe.
I had the pork ramen, and Tom had the special crab ramen bowl, both of which were amazing. Chef Eman Loubier, who was expediting right near where we sat at the bar area, slipped us a bowl of shrimp and octopus salad which was AMAZING. Basically, I have used all the hyperbole about this place before, so I just urge y'all to go there. Also, I hope they bring back the honey pine nut pie soon.

Across the street from Le Bon Temps Roulez bar and music club, Neil McClure has been fighting the red tape of City Hall to bring his amazing smoked meats, sauces, and sides to the community fulltime. He's finally won his permanent license to operate and is cranking out the same delicious BBQ as he had while serving lunches at Dante's Kitchen last year.

Sign on the building


Pulled Pork sandwich on Dong Phuong bread

Combo plate - ribs, brisket, mac & cheese, BBQ beans
I'm so happy for Neil that he was able to get this done. I'm even happier for me, because I get to eat his food again.

Although Pizza Delicious has been brick & mortar for a while now, it's still great, and we try to get there when we're in the Bywater. It's always crowded when we go, and they always have awesome beer. Also awesome pizza, salads, pastas, and desserts. Some pictures from our Labor Day weekend visit:

Meatball pizza

roasted summer vegetable sandwich with polenta croutons

Brooklyn Brooklyn Cuvée La Boîte
(they always have the current Brroklyn brewmaster select beer available)

As far as other dining adventures, well, it's pretty hot these days so my appetite hasn't been huge and my willingness to experiment has wilted. Been enjoying food from my favorites: Coquette and Commanders Palace, on the high end, and Felipes and Company Burger on the casual end.

I'll write again soon, I promise. Aiming for once a week. Thanks for sticking with me while I've been getting into the fulltime freelance writing groove! You can check out my blog: nolabeerblog.com and my list of published stories can be found here.

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