Sunday, April 14, 2013

Irish Channel Dish Crawl

A fellow member of the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association forwarded me an email from someone named Kenniece who was organizing an Irish Channel "dish crawl" on and around Magazine Street in the neighborhood. Dishcrawl New Orleans is the local chapter of an national (and in Canada too) organization that puts together local food events that involve going to several restaurants in a group and being served small bites to get an idea of the cuisine served. It promotes the restaurants, it's a fun way to meet people, and a nice way to get the feel of a community. So I got in touch with Kenniece and made arrangements to attend the crawl.

I went without husband or other friends, and the first stop at Atchafalaya was a little rough for me at first. I was in the bar, was sitting next to a couple who were in deep discussion, the food wasn't really being passed around in that area... I was cranky, hungry, and felt like a loser. I decided to at least try to get into the area where I saw the food being circulated, and I was invited to join a table with a couple visiting from Vermont. They have spent years coming down here, and now that they're retired they come here down to avoid Vermont's mud season. They are thinking about moving down here full time, and wanted to pick my brain about transplanting from New England to New Orleans.

Atchafalaya served fried green tomatoes topped with crab, grilled oysters, gumbo, and some excellent fruity bread pudding (I want to say... blueberry?)

fried green tomato with crabmeat

They set the grill up on the sidewalk for the oysters
We chatted and strolled to the next stop, Dat Dog (Deux.) They've just opened the Magazine Street location and was celebrating their official grand opening that night. The three of us sat with two women who had actually seen my post on the ICNA facebook page about the dishcrawl. The five of us had a great conversation about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and other fun stuff. Honestly, I can hardly remember, but I know it was a ton of fun. We were served a couple sample sizes of hot dogs - I only had the duck one, which was freaking awesome. Also white trash fries and nacho fries. They have an awesome beer selection, both on tap and the bottle selection. I'll be revisiting that awesomeness in a future blog post on my beer blog.



wiener menu

Duck sausage
There's me with my new friends!
Photo credit: Ronnie King, Jr.
(he was the official event photographer)
The lovely Kenniece, the dishcrawl organizer, with the bar manager Chris.
(Chris and I had a great - though brief - conversation about beer)
Photo credit: Ronnie King, Jr.
After Dat Dog, we wandered down a block to Byblos. Our Dat Dog crew got split up in the seating arrangements but the ladies and I sat with another pair of women, and talked mostly about Isaac. But in a fun way! We were served a plate of appetizers.

Hummus, falafel, and that awesome fried cheese thing they do.
Kenniece and I going into Byblos
Photo credit: Ronnie King, Jr.
By the time I finished half of my plate, I was so full of good food and skipped out on the last stop at Sucre. But I went to a new place I'd never been before (Dat Dog) met a whole lot of new people, and ate some delicious food! They're doing another one on Oak Street on April 23. They keep the locations secret, and it's a fun time. I'd recommend checking it out if you are intrigued by one of their neighborhoods.

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