Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hogs For The Cause - Southern Asado Gala Dinner

A couple months ago, at the Hogs For the Cause press conference, I was eating some amazing pork products and talking to Rene Loupre (co-founder of Hogs) about the gala dinner that some of the finest chefs in the region (known as the Fatback Collective) would be putting together an Argentinean-style asado dinner of MANY meats and fishes. It would be EPIC, I was assured. Emphatically.

However, it was $300 per person, which... was too rich for my blood, even for charity. And I didn't want to go alone, so it would be $600 to attend. No matter how epic, I would be sitting this one out. (I'm not sure why I am not being paid to attend these things due to my general awesomeness on a daily basis.)

Happily, toward the end of February, I was alerted by Rene that the ticket prices for folks under 40 (YES! Just squeaked by!) were half price for a limited time. That appeared to be just rich enough for my blood, and I got 2 tickets. A bit of a splurge, but it was for a good cause and I had good reason to believe it would be worth it.

Come Friday night, I was ready to eat some delicious meat!

Porcelain Porcine Greeter

Festive party goers

The gala table

There were also auctions!

Animals on a spit over an open flame
Once we got to our table, we were greeted by delicious hors d'oerves like pimento cheese, charcuterie, chicken livers

Magic Table 23

Snacks - IT'S A TRAP! (I know now after all the food in the near future.)

Ham in aspic

stuffed burlap pig & Tom, sitting in a tree...

Ended up sitting with the vinter and distributors of the wines (Neat Wines) which was fun. The first course was fish - it was on the bone and freaking delicious. There was tarragon and general awesomeness. After that the chicken arrived.


Cochon wine!
Beer (from NOLA Brewing), wine, and general merriment
OK, the fish looks a bit picked over here, but it was super delicious and served whole

Smoked/roasted chicken and delicious Brussels sprouts
Then came the meat!

Goat! Goat cheese! Beets!

Beef shortribs

Some of the best lamb I've ever had

Pulled pork and coleslaw
Everything was incredibly delicious, tender, and flavorful. It was so good that I wished I could add another stomach or take home a doggy bag or something. As it was, I filled up way too fast. But then dessert came: fruit handpies and... Jello shots?

Both were DELICIOUS.

I took a little walk and laid eyes on the most beautiful sight:

Flasks of to-go cocktails! Provided by Cure (who also created the pre-dinner "Hogtails") called "One For My Piggy & One For the Road" with bourbon, rye, and deliciousness. Salut!

In conclusion, it was as epic as promised. And I had to go to sleep and get up and go judge several categories of pork the next day. To be continued...


  1. I meant to ask you if you'd seen the Game of Brews blog - similar to the Inn at the Crossroads blog - it goes for recreations of historical drinks and fictional drinks - concentrating on things in GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire books:


    On topic: love the burlap piggie. Adorable!

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