Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Gras 2013

So "Super Gras" is what the media has bestowed upon this little issue of the Super Bowl being held in New Orleans when usually the first weekend of parades would roll. So it was a weekend of parades January 25-27, then the Superbowl on Feb 3, and tomorrow Nyx rolls, and there will be 7 days of parades.

Whooo!  This should be fun times.

Here are some half decent pictures from Krewe de Vieux (which was January 19) and the parades from Friday the 26 and Saturday the 27.

Me dressed up for Krewe du Vieux (KdV)

KdV float

KdV float. Yes, these floats are dirty. No, they don't like Roger Goodell.

Marching band- Krewe of Oshun


Krewe of Cleopatra, newly relocated from the Westbank

Steppers in Cleopatra

Kids pretty satisfied with thieir loot



Krewe of Choctaw- thought it was a superhero theme, but it got weird.

Choctaw (Saturday, Jan. 26)

Choctaw- not a superhero!

Tom with all his loot at the Avenue Pub
See y'all on the other side.

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