Friday, February 8, 2013

Nyx, Muses, Druids, Chaos, and Babylon

First off, I didn't get thrown one damn thing from the entire Krewe of Chaos, and neither did most of the people in my section. It was ridiculous and almost hilarious, actually.

OK, that off my chest, here are some pictures of parades and floats and fun and throws. Druids and Nyx rolled on Wednesday, and they were both awesome. It started pouring like gangbusters for the last hour or so (from where we were, which was close to the start). I salute them! Nyx is an all-lady krewe, and I'm on the waiting list. So I had my special Nyx shirt and my special Nyx handshake and code word and got lots of stuff. It was fun, I can't lie. (though I did lie about there being a handshake and code word.)

Me and my fellow sisters in crime

My awesome Druids medallion

Cool bracelet with martini glasses and purses

Nyx's trademark purse throws!!

Thursday night was a big night- Muses, Chaos and Babylon.



Flambeau carriers- so hard to get a good shot with a phone camera!



Roots of Music

Babylon- ooh, satirical 

St. Aug Purple Knights

Butterfly/shoes preceding Muses floats

O. Perry Walker band

Muses shoe float!

Lady Godiva

Muses theme- "Makin' Groceries"

Sirens- last float, and pretty creepy!
And, I got my most coveted and prized throw - a shoe!!

Parading wiped me out, so I took today off to recuperate. But I will be back in form for tomorrow's Uptown parades - Iris and Tuck - in the early afternoon, and will be in the CBD for a King Cake tasting and hopefully a glimpse of Endymion!

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  1. I'm a sister-in-waiting as well. I hope we get to ride next year. The parade was wonderful and they really threw a lot of stuff. Even as a SIW it was an awesome season. I went to the Nyx Myx Ball and had the time of my life. I can't wait to do it again!