Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras 2013

By the end of the season, things were getting crazy. I couldn't tell if I was coming down with something, or if I just ached from standing, walking, and biking (and falling) all over the place, and my sore throat was for screaming during parades and my headache from drinking too much. It's always hard to say. Spoiler alert: I did come down with something but didn't realize it until after parades.

Lundi Gras pictures! Krewes of Proteus and Orpheus.

Our Uptown parade stomping grounds on St. Charles neutral ground side

Flambeau carriers!

Coolest bike ever

Choo choo train

Mardi Gras morning meant getting up early to get into costume and bike to the Avenue Pub where we could catch Zulu after it turned onto St. Charles from Jackson. Rex followed. But the most coveted throw for the day is the Zulu coconut. (Reader, I caught three.)

Me and Tom at the start of the day

Me in my Wonder Woman costume


Zulu queen

backs of our friends' costumes...

... and the fronts!

Zulu Big Shot

Not my coconut, but I loved it so I had to take a picture

Our friend with the Jefferson City Buzzard Walking Club, marching between Zulu and Rex

A ferret


The usual Boeuf Gras in Rex

Polar Bear! (theme was All Creatures Great and Small)

The Kraken

Bzz bzz bees

Monkeys. Why don't I have 10 of them.


The end of the parades

It has taken me four days to recover from the fun, but hopefully next year Mardi Gras won't try to kill me. Totally worth it though.

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