Sunday, January 13, 2013

F is for Falafel, G is for Gracious

Two excellent discoveries made this week (described in alphabetical order):

First, I finally discovered the Fat Falafel food truck at the OCH Market yesterday!

The truck with its menu

The chef working hard

The falafel platter, which included hummus, falafel, eggplant, root vegetable slaw, and cucumber salad

French fries cooked in duck fat with aioli 
It was freaking amazing. Loved everything! Will start stalking this truck, I suggest you do too: visit their website or follow them on Twitter: @fatfalafel.

For good measure, I'd also like to give a well deserved shoutout to Tsai's grapefruit tea cake, which was DELICIOUS.

Speaking of cake, I discovered that one of my go-to lunch spots and favorite places to get a sandwich, Gracious Bakery, has started baking chocolate filled king cakes! You can also get them by the slice, which is what I've done. For two days in a row.

Also, Gracious has started making soup, which is always tasty and satisfying, and I think their chicken salad sandwich is out of this world.

Cheddar, corn, and potato soup

Chicken salad sandwich (with pickled onions!) served with a side salad with their creamy herb dressing.

Their bakery case. Everything looks so good it makes me want to cry.
I hope the first week of Carnival was good to all of you- now let's get through this week!

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