Sunday, January 6, 2013

Carnival Season Kickoff!

Happy Twelfth Night, everyone! For those who don't live in New Orleans, today (January 6) aka Three Kings Day, is the start of Carnival season which will end on Mardi Gras (which is on February 12 this year.)

To celebrate, we acquired a new-to-us king cake from La Divinia Gelateria. They have 2 individual flavors, plain and nutella-filled.

The one that looks like an everything bagel is the nutella-filled one
What a delicious season.

Speaking of delicious, we've gone to Pizza Delicious a couple times these past few weeks (finally!) Most of their special pizzas are like old friends from their popup menu, but the pastas and special salads are much expanded now and are real pleasures to eat. I've had an amazing carbonara as well as my lunch today of housemade fettucine with pork belly confit, braised pork cheeks, and arugula. The salads have been amazing too- today's was comprised of local lettuce and roasted beets, thinly sliced radishes, and a roasted carrot vinaigrette. It also comes with bleu cheese, but we asked for that not to be included, since Tom doesn't like it. Even without cheese, it was awesome.

Pizza Delicious also has great beer on tap. We've enjoyed Brooklyn Brewery's "There Will Be Black," Brooklyn Winter, Sierra Nevada Celebration, and Fuller's ESB.


The ordering area

Donors to the Kickstarter project

Check it out!
Yesterday, we made a point to attend Ancora's last lunch service. Chef Jeff wants to spend more time with his family, and ending the lunch service seems to be the least impactful way to do so. I understand his reasons, but I am sad at the end of lunch. Their egg sandwiches (usually with bacon, but yesterday with pancetta) with arugula on Chef's amazing bread was soul-restoring. And Tom loves their meatball sandwiches.

World's best bacon and egg sammich

Divine meatball sandwich

They also have an awesome beer list. It's small, only 6 taps, but they consistently serve delicious craft beer that's hard to find anywhere else in New Orleans besides the Avenue Pub. We went for dinner as well last week, and if you are able to try their gnocchi, DEFINITELY do so. They were incredible. So light and delicious and delicate.

Both Pizza Delicious and Ancora just make me happy. I'm happy thinking about eating there, I'm happy when I'm there, I'm happy in the afterglow of amazing, unpretentious, simple, excellently prepared food.

Oh, another chef that makes me happy- Chef Rob Buchold from NOLA Smokehouse will be popping up at the Erin Rose tomorrow (Monday, January 7) in the French Quarter, taking over Killer Poboy's kitchen space. Noon till sold out. Click here for the menu- I can't say enough good things about that BBQ baklava. And I reallllllly want those smoked shrimp beignets!

My god, this is a magnificent town, and Carnival season increases its magnificence by a factor of 10.  Check this out for info on 2 parades tonight- the Phunny Phorty Phellows and Jeanne d'Arc. Krewe du Vieux is in TWELVE DAYS! Buckle up, y'all.

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