Monday, December 10, 2012

December Weekend in New Orleans

Sometimes New Orleans is so beautiful it hurts. Saturday night, we had the pleasure of attending a party at Muriel's in Jackson Square, where we could sit on the balcony and look over Jackson Square- musicians, tourists, festive lights, wedding second line. Just enjoying the beauty and relative peacefulness in the middle of the city.

We also got to check out the famed and mysterious Seance Room, along with the table that's always set for... ghosts, I guess? But the party also served up Muriel's equally famous goat cheese crepes with creole shrimp sauce so it was ALL good. (I love those crepes)

So, Muriel's! Kind of creepy, but I guess that's how it goes with super old buildings owned by super crazy and/or rich folks. It was awesome, though. I had a wonderful time just enjoying New Orleans being New Orleans.

Got to experience another side of New Orleans being New Orleans the next day at the New Generations and Brothers of Change annual second line, which also featured TBC (To Be Continued) Brass Band and Hot 8 Brass Band. They were phenomenal! We camped out at the corner of Carondelet and Washington waiting for them and we could hear the music all they way up Carondelet.

Man, I love second lines. They are just so good for my soul and they fill my heart up with pure joy.

So from the French Quarter to Central City, the beauty of the city can be found every which way.

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