Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eater's Digest

Since I've got a couple of quick bullet points (with some photos), I figured I'd consolidate for easy reading.

Thing #1: We Spent a Saturday In The Bywater and I Didn't Even Get A Lousy T-Shirt.
Although, I did get a new purse. a mirliton potholder, some kickin' New Orleans blank cards, cookies, rum punch, an empanada, a chocolate curry popsicle, and chicken paprikash. Hail Mirliton Festival and Siberia's early opening to enjoy Matt's paprikash before metal shenanigans occur and frighten out middle aged mentalities!


Thing #3: It is amazing when people you know are heralded by city leaders for making a difference.

Thing #4: I am on the waiting list to join Nyx and I enjoyed a lovely brunch last week with my fellow Sisters In Waiting, then made some new friends and hung out in the Marigny. Hooray!

Thing #5: This picture and philosophy (from the menu at the High Hat)

Followup, actual pie:

Thing #6: There are so many cats that need forever homes! Please help.  Contact the LASPCA, SpayMart, The Cat Practice, or any other shelter and find a cat who needs you.

Thing #7: Voting! America! Whoo!

Until tomorrow (or some other unspecified amount of time...)

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