Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September- the good, the bad, and the tired

Haven't blogged since well before Hurricane Isaac, and it's been a trying month or so. Trying to get back in the groove, but it's hard to blog, even about fun stuff, when I'm tired and/or sick and/or worried. Top reasons for whining!

  1. Isaac
  2. Tom broke his right arm and two ribs in a bicycle mishap on the Canal Street streetcar tracks. Reminder: always wear your helmet, that's why he just has broken bones and not a broken noggin.
  3. Late night ER visits
  4. Run down and sick
To balance out the whining list, here's a list of cool stuff that has happened this month, and I will expand on some of them in this blog post.
  1. Birthdays! (Tom's is on the 6th, mine is on the 15th)
  2. Weekend on the North Shore in a very nice B&B
  3. Good friends
  4. Fun visitors from out of town
  5. Awesome birthday dinner at SoBou
  6. Second lining
  7. Frenchmen Street and Debauche, a Russian band with a burlesque belly dancer
  8. Pie for breakfast
  9. Awesome New Orleans food (have eaten well at: Ancora, High Hat, Company Burger, Coquette, Killer PoBoys, NOLA Smokehouse, Hush Supper Club, The Joint, Pizza Delicious, SoBou, La Divinia, Cafe Minh, Franky & Johnny's, Magasin, and other numerous places.)
  10. Beer! (local beer geek bottle share, releases of NOLA Brewing MechaHopzilla and Hopitoulas in cans, as well as the Louisiana rollout of Goose Island.
Huh. Looking at the lists, the good stuff outweighs the bad by more than 2:1. I wonder why it's so much easier to get dragged down by the relatively small number of things in the bad list, than it is to be uplifted by the larger number of thins in the good list.

Let's expand on a few things listed, shall we?