Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update time!

So, if you don't follow my beer blog, you may have missed my writeup of Coquette's awesome and fantastic beer dinner from the other week.  Check it out!

Also, I finally got in to see Streats Kukhnya doing his thing at Siberia (mentioned in my previous pop-up post.) He was running a chicken paprikash special (which he mentioned he might be doing regularly on Saturdays) and it looked amazing. It was too dark to take pictures in the bar, but here's a picture from Streats' Facebook page: (and if you click on that link, you'll see a gorgeous picture of his trademark pierogis, YUM.)

(image courtesy of Streats Kukhnya)

Both the pierogis and the paprikash were excellent, excellent, excellent.  So glad we finally made it over there! Siberia is an interesting place. I'll have to come back for more music listening and people watching (and Slavic soul food eating.)

Another update on the pop-up front is that Neil McClure tweeted on May 30: "McClure's stint at the Rusty Nail is popping up for a couple weeks at least...tuesday dinners back in July...stay tuned" So I wanted to make sure that was relayed, since I'd just published a post that that was one of his gigs.  I miss McClure's!

UPDATE: This morning, news arrived via Facebook and Twitter to: "Keep your Tuesday nights in July open...popping up @ The Company Burger..exact dates TBD." HOORAY!

But, fortunately, we aren't hurting for good stuff to eat in the meantime.

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