Thursday, June 14, 2012

The burden of living in this town...

It's a tough problem to have- too many awesome places doing awesome stuff at the same awesome time. Such is life in New Orleans.

The Offshore tiki pop-up out of The Company Burger is doing its next event on Tuesday, June 26, which is the same day as Coquette doing its fried chicken and beer dinner.

I don't even know how to choose!

Well, OK, I chose Coquette, because I can walk there and also my deep and abiding love for fried chicken. But I am so sad I can't attend both! Looks like The Offshore is moving to a $50 all you can eat model rather than the a la carte model of the last one... don't know what that means for the cocktails, though.

Here are my write-ups of the previous Offshore popup and the previous Coquette beer dinner, hope this helps you make your decision.


  1. What a great night for NOLA food and drink fans! All drinks, as well as the food, will be included with the 50$ ticket to the Offshore - just so everyone knows! Additionally, we'll be working with two bartenders and a bar-back in order to keep the cocktails flowing!

  2. Awesome, thanks for the clarification! Is it cash only or can people use credit cards?

  3. It's cash-only this time around, but we are looking into ways to accept credit cards in the future. Though if you buy your tickets early at Company Burger, you get a commemorative tiki mug at the event! Thanks for bringing up these questions!

  4. It's the least I can do, considering I'll be missing this go-around. I'd be interested in hearing how the ticket system works out for you guys, though.