Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Offshore

There is one word that makes my husband jump for joy, giggle with glee and kick up his heels in happiness.  That word is.. TIKI. He loves the rum, the bold flavors, and also the rum again.

So when I heard about the tiki popup happening at The Company Burger happening on Tuesdays starting tonight I knew that it was ON. We got there just when it was opening, thank goodness, 'cause the line got crazy right behind us.


Tom and I could have picked each other's drinks- I knew Tom would want the Blood In The Water and he knew I'd be weak-kneed for a God on the Mountain.

God On the Mountain - the picture of Blood In the Water came out all blurry.
The food was all small plates, but still divided into starters and more substantial stuff, Of the six items on the menu, we ordered four. First up, crab rangoon, made with real crab, which was quite excellent. The dipping sauce was spicy as advertised, as well.

Next up: chicken thigh. This was awesome.  Then again, I have a weakness for the humble chicken thigh. This one had an amazing crispy skin and the red curry sauce was flavorful. This dish was full out comfort food, I think I could eat about a half dozen of these bad boys. Bok choi was good too.

Note Tom's Blood In the Water in the background. It's in a lowball so you're  not missing much of the whole picture.
Now, I know I've discussed my unfortunate yet consistent disappointment in big ole chunks of pork belly served up all fancy style. But I really want to get past that! So, I saw that there was fried pork belly on the menu, I could not resist.

It was deep fried pork belly, which, I dunno, seems like the punchline for some Scottish stereotype joke. First bite: divine. the sauce cut the richness some, and the coolness and crunch and freshness of the cucumbers was a nice contrast to the... decadent bar of fried mostly-pork fat. The first bite was best. Kind of went downhill from there.  Just very, very, extremely... extreme. And rich.

The last dish we had was the brown butter sweetbread which I kind of started devouring before I remembered to take a picture. It was nicely prepared, though I would have liked a little more of a sauce, or spice? But good flavor and tender and I really liked the accompanying rice cake. Though I am crazy for carbs. Probably my ideal meal would be a couple of those chicken thighs (with curry sauce) that rice cake, and a God On the Mountain. I have very simple tastes in food alongside deistic delusions of grandeur in cocktails. (That is not news, even before the name of that tiki drink came along.)

Since we were early in line we were early to leave, and decided to head down the street to Cure for one more cocktail. If the environment had been better suited to it, I'd have preferred to try a second tiki drink, but it was all a little crowded and overwhelmed.

At Cure, we each indulged in a high falutin' version of our favorite cocktails- Tom had a classic daiquiri made with very, very nice rum, and I had a Manhattan made with vintage Sazerac rye and other high quality ingredients including a swell vermouth that I must get my hands on. Expertly prepared, our cocktails were elevated from our comfort food drinks to something quite special.

I like to be adventurous and try new things, but sometimes I just wanna curl up with some well cooked chicken thighs and a Manhattan, ya know?


  1. Mmmm, I'm a fan of the chicken thigh as well. The French think Americans are stupid for going nutty over the chicken breast. (Too dry. Too bland.)

    And a Sazerac Rye Manhattan! Damn, baby.

    But I made linguini with clams and mushrooms (and lots of garlic) tonight so we weren't hurting.

  2. thanks for sharing! YUM on Freret St!