Friday, March 30, 2012

Championship Tongue

So, today I got the chance to taste The Company Burger's Hogs For The Cause-award-winning offering, the corned pork tongue slider with swiss cheeses, a mustardy coleslaw/pickle thing, crisped up on the flattop and served on an amaaaaazing rye roll.

Hog Heaven on a Rye Roll. If you can, go get you some! It's so good.  The corned tongue is crisped up beautifully on the grill like corned beef hash should be at your favorite diner- crisp on the outside, soft and creamy underneath. The cheese adds a sharpness that contrasts with the rich decadent meat, and the mustard slaw also adds contrasting bite both in flavor and texture. And the damn rye roll is wonderful. It's made by The Company Burger's in-house baker who also bakes off their regular burger rolls fresh every day.

Onion rings were tasty, too-the first time I've gotten those. They use red onions, coat each batch to order and carefully drop and retrieve from the fryer (I was sitting at the bar watching the whole process in their very open kitchen so I saw my whole lunch come together.)

In added value news, the 2 sliders, the rings, and my iced tea came to $10!  ($13 with tax & tip.) Man, $10 for food of this quality and caliber. Awesome.

Open wide!

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