Sunday, January 8, 2012


Been keeping track of the various restaurants and bars opening on Freret Street between Napoleon and Jefferson - Freret St. Po-boy & Donut Shop, Dat Dog, and Cure led the way over the past couple of years, and over the past year, Midway (deep dish pizza), Ancora (Neapolitan pizza), and The Company Burger have all sprung up.

We've been trying to get to the Company Burger, but we keep going when it's closed. Last week, it was a fortunate circumstance, as our burger craving (ultimately denied) brought us to the only bike shop open on January 2, called appropriately enough, The Bike Shop. Bought me a one speed cruiser so I will be ready to zip around town during Mardi Gras. (regret: should have taken a ride today.)

After the bike purchase, we went to Midway Pizza, which was pretty much right next door. Deep dish pizza deliciousness and many local and craft beer, hard to go wrong.

The Kingpin - housemade meatballs, caramelized onion, shaved parm, and green onion
The FD2 - chorizo, green chile, red onion, cojita cheese, green onion
We also visited Crescent City Comics, and ordered the final Buffy Season Eight comic book, which came in on Friday- happily necessitating a visit back to Freret today to pick it up! Tried Company Burger again- but it was mobbed, so we moseyed down to the High Hat for a more sedate dining experience.

Special board at the High Hat bar

High Hat beer taps

Satsuma mojito

Stewed chicken with mustard greens and spoonbread
Tom had buttermilk cornmeal pancakes. which were really, really good. In conclusion, High Hat is an excellent lunch/brunch spot. Nice space, good food, friendly service.  One slight nit to pick: the special mojito was listed on the special boards as $7, I was charged $8. But otherwise, a great choice. Man, that spoonbread was awesome.

I WILL get to the Company Burger someday, dammit.  And I am also craving a shrimp po-boy at Freret St. Po-Boy & Donut.  And need to get to Ancora.  And, um, some cocktails at Cure.  Dammit, Freret Street, stop with your temptation!

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