Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Fool For 'Que

Drool... BBQ beans, chicken, pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork,
cole slaw, mac 'n cheese, potato salad
So, I've been hearing about the new BBQ Joint - McClure's Barbecue - that opened up in Dante's restaurant for lunch during the week.  Neil McClure was (is?) the general manager at Dante and has started working toward his dream of opening a BBQ restaurant. You can read more about Neil here. I was finally able to get over there yesterday for lunch and HOLY MOLY that is probably the best barbecue I've had in my life.  Now, granted, I haven't been to many of the holy lands of BBQ like the Carolinas, Kansas City, or Alabama, but seriously, this meat is so good you don't need to compare it.  It's just some really, really, happy-making, good food.

The sides are also wonderful, especially the mac 'n cheese and the beans.  OMG THE BEANS. Another delicious joy is the vast array of barbecue sauces that represent the different BBQ regions:

Left-right: Kansas City Sweet, West N, Carolina, New Orleans East,
South Carolina, Alabama, East N. Carolina, and Memphis
The New Orleans East sauce is a nod to the Vietnamese community there, with those flavor profiles. South Carolina is a mustard sauce (really great with the pulled pork), Alabama is a white BBQ sauce (I first tried that at J'Anita's, actually), and East NC is a vinegar.  I loved the West NC and Memphis the most I think.  Also the Kansas City.  And the New Orleans East.  And the South Carolina.  And... Well, you get the idea.  The fellow sitting next to me was very impressed by the authenticity (and awesomeness) of the sauces.

The food is served family style and from what I gathered, they'll keep filling up those bowls and plates until you're full.  All for $14.  Bliss for under twenty bucks, whoda think it?

I'm bringing Tom over there on Monday- we both have the day off and I checked, Neil will be open and slinging the 'cue.  Join us!  We'll probably get there between noon and 12:30.

It is going to be hard not to eat here every day for lunch.

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