Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Chinese Food in New Orleans

So, I've had a ton of Swedish beer this weekend, (as noted here and here) but I wrapped it all up while watching the Niners-Giants game (OMG, I am excited about the Patriots-Giants Superbowl rematch) and eating Chef Pete's excellent Chinese food. Had the authentic hot & sour soup, spicy and sour as advertised loaded with tons of mushrooms, tofu, banboo shoots, and pork. Next up was the shrimp fried rice, with delicately cooked tail-on shrimp and egg and fresh vegetables with occasional crunch of a spicy pepper along with a baked Char Siu Bao (pork bun) which was off the hook delicious. We were pretty full after that, so we still have some XO Braised Pork Cushion to eat.

Home run!  I feel so glamorous and international!

Tomorrow is the Boucherie Swedish beer dinner, and I'm psyched!

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  1. I am eating the pork right now and, even after being re-heated, it is some of the most tender pork I have ever eaten. Good stuff.