Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday pic spam!

So, Tom and are getting genuinely excited about our Christmas in New Orleans.  We have our beautiful tree with awesome ornaments and strewn with Mardi Gras beads, our fruitcake, a couple strategic reveillion reservations (Restaurant August on Thursday night and Christmas Day brunch at MiLa), and a few decadent Christmas goodies coming our way from Chef Pete (one hyphenated word: Foie-reos).  We have the cats, a roof over our head, and each other.  I have two weeks off from work. Life is pretty great!

Muses beads

Taz guards the gifts

Awesome ornament commemorating a long-ago local brewery

Rex beads, ornament, lights

Our 2011 ornament from Laurel and Brock

Cat loaf under the tree!
We are also excited about the upcoming Mardi Gras season, for several reasons: 1) It's AWESOME. 2) King cake king cake king cake king cake!  3) Taz has been chosen as the 2012 King of Endymeow!  WHAT IT'S TOTALLY A THING. Behold, King Taz, The Boss of Us:

Resistance is futile

Do you guys really expect me to stand here and... OOH FEATHERS!

Off with her head!

The drones (his word, not mine) doing their thing to make Taz look good.
(Including me, the droniest drone of us all)

Hail King Taz!

Bedecked in Mardi Gras awesomeness

Are we done here yet? 'Cause seriously, it is time for the Royal Nap.

We are incredibly and non-ironically proud of our Taz and super excited about the Endymeow party on January 28.  Man, our cats are awesome.  One is the KING OF YOU! (The other leads a life in the shadows, subtly manipulating the whole orchestra of the McWarnigle household. We call him...the Ginger Ninja.  Also, Marley. He is the puppetmaster!  But don't call attention to that, he'll get all Dick Cheney on ya if you do. Don't say we didn't warn you!)

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