Monday, October 10, 2011

A pleasing routine

This past weekend we went to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the Outlaw Homebrew Competition.  You can read all about it here.

We got home in time on Sunday to take a long lazy nap and then I headed out to Stein's to sample Chef Pete's Latin American cuisine.  We got the bacon, chicharone & cheese pupusas; one each of the Venezuelan Hallacas - beef/pork and pumpkin/queso chihuahua; chicken tamale; cuban black beans and yellow rice; chile de arbol spiced duck confit with posole chile verde; and the Ibarra chocolate dulce de leche  pots de creme.  Yum!

My favorites were the pupusas and the tamale.  The confit was seriously intense - went great with the chile verde posole. And that pot de creme was INSANE!  The hallacas was intriguing - a larger and more complex type of tamale kind of thing. Wrapped in banana leaf, I think?  (also saran wrap) The pumpkin/queso set up a little weird as it cooled so that the filling was a little hardened, so that wasn't my favorite. But, again, a great meal with exciting flavor profiles, many of which were new to me.  And for that I thank Chef Pete Vazquez once again.

Tonight we followed last week's playbook and went to Coulis for Noodles & Pie. I had the basic noodles again - this time they came with brisket.  Delicious once again- the noodles themselves seemed better than last week - they were specifically indicated as homemade on the chalkboard.  This week I had some of the house made kimchee in my ramen which was great. While we were slurping our noodles at the counter, Chef E-Man (who was manning the register and counter)'s daughter came up and ordered several pieces of pie, including the last 2 slices of honey-pinenut pie.  I made sadface and asked if that was the last of the pie, and he took one of the slices and gave it to us.  We literally took food from the chef's family's mouths.  Oh my. I regret nothing!!  That pie is goooood.

This is shaping up to be a most excellent way to start the week.  Next Sunday we'll be having a Taiwanese brunch from Tsai and Chef Pete will be cooking Indian food.  Then, the cure for any case of the Mondays- noodles and pie.  Sigh.  Delicious.

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