Monday, September 26, 2011

On a lighter note...

Back to eating in New Orleans, always a pretty good time, yes?  Better than talking about innocent people getting shot in the head. (pretty much everything is, in my opinion.)

Anyway, I wanted to report that Tom and I checked out a new pop-up in our general vicinity- Streats McGee - Streats' Mobile Global Deli, serving at Cafe Rani on Magazine. Found out about it through New Orleans Needs More Food Trucks on FB. It was really good!  The menu:

We both desired and therefore ordered the Curry Chicken Salad Panini, which was excellent, although maybe not technically a panini.  It was on very nice flatbread, had sweet and heat and crunch and spice and herbs. Really delicious. We also shared an order of the pierogi, which are always delightful. I mean, potato stuffed pasta!  What's not to love?  with fried/sauteed onions and a very generous dollop of sour cream, I was almost able to carbo-load my way out of a pretty crappy mood. Washed it all down with an Abita Fall Harvest Ale, sat outside under the giant oak tree in the Cafe Rani courtyard.

Ran into Karen from Tsai along with one of the new folks on board, who will be bringing some Thai flava to the mix.  Looking forward to their thing on Saturday.  Check it out!

Oh! We finished up our meal at La Divinia where I had the "Classy" chocolate gelato and Tom had the honey-ginger sorbetto, which practically had a sign on it that said "HI TOM, PLEASE EAT ME I AM YOUR PERFECT ONE TRUE SORBETTO FLAVOR."

Then we walked home, counting cats and tiny salamanders that crossed our paths.  Because we're dorks like that.

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