Friday, July 8, 2011

NOLA and health

So, anyway. I went to my doctor's office a few days after the Beers Not Bullets fundraiser and my blood pressure was CRAZY high. The doctor asked me if I was particularly stressed, and I, ever the stoic New Englander, was like "nah." This is forgetting my grandmother's death, putting on a fundraiser, driving every day, and the ever increasing pressure of my job. Also, I think I get stressed out about not taking advantage of all the awesomeness of New Orleans, and think I should magically be more mellow because I moved south of the Mason-Dixon. Plus, let's not even go into the whole owning a condo I don't live in, in the worst real estate market ever. So, maaaaaaybe a little stressed.

SO! In conclusion, I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise, etc, which while it might be good for the BP, is BORING for a blog.

And that's why things have been quiet on this front lately.

I'm looking forward to volunteering for the Beasts & Brass fundraiser on Sunday. I brought in a couple silent auction items and will be helping with the silent auction on site.

I'm also exploring opportunities and overall viability for starting a new non-profit around sustaining the care of uninsured restaurant workers with healthcare related debt. We'll see.

Have tried a couple of good recipes lately though. Slow cooker carnitas and quinoa and chard cakes. Gonna try to get to Hollygrove Market early tomorrow to be able to grab some figs before they run out.

In the meantime, I'm trying to relax more while driving, eating less sodium and fried foods, and engaging in yoga and other physical activities. Yay. No, though, it's good. I think the thing is also to STOP STRESSING ABOUT HAVING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Sigh.

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