Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beers Not Bullets- Fundraiser for Nathanial Zimet

Longtime readers of this blog may know my deep and abiding love for the Riverbend area restaurant Boucherie, one of my favorite places in the city. A couple weeks ago, the chef-owner, Nathanial Zimet, was shot and seriously wounded in an attempted armed robbery. He has no health insurance, and the hospitality industry has galvanized into action, contributing proceeds from dinner sales, wine sales, tips, and the major and amazing fundraiser on July 10 at the Howlin' Wolf called Beasts & Brass. You can go here to get info on this fundraiser as well as everything else going on.

However, the beer community wanted to be involved too. It all started with a blog entry by Jeremy "The Beer Buddha" Labadie:

If you've ever been to Boucherie you know that the food is fantastic as is the beer selection. The Brooklyn beer dinner that was held in New Orleans was held at Boucherie and was amazing. Nathanial is an outstanding chef, lover of good beer and is one of our own. I think we as the beer community must come together and put on one of our best tastings ever with all proceeds going to help Nathanial.

This tasting is in its infancy and I need some ideas. I'm hoping that those readers that live out of town can help out by donating beer to this great cause. If you're interested please email me at thebeerbuddha@gmail.com and I will give you my address. Those of you that live here in town be prepared. We need to open up our beer fridges and crack open some amazing beers. If you are a local brewery or restaurant reading this perhaps you'd be willing to donate some food or even brew a special beer for this event. Anything could help. Just let me know. Let's come together and help out Nathanial.

Well, as is often the case here in New Orleans, the interest in helping out a member of the community was enormous, and Jeremy set up a planning meeting. Now, I was not originally part of the planning meeting, but I was hanging out at the Avenue Pub with Jeremy a couple Fridays ago, and that of course was the time and place of the planning meeting. Some amazing people came to meet with Jeremy and I just kind of got sucked in by all the planning! I can't help it, y'all, it's like an event planning sickness. And a good cause. I was so shocked to read about it- I remember we were at the New Orleans airport waiting to board our plane to go to CT. (We also took the opportunity to rig up a beer luggage system so that we could check through 8 beers that are not found in Louisiana to donate the event. And this was before I got sucked in!)

So we just had another meeting this past Sunday and damn, this thing has grown about a hundred times more than what Jeremy first mused about. NOLA Brewing is hosting, we've got kegs coming from local distributors Southern Eagle and Crescent Crown, as well as local breweries: Heiner Brau, Tin Roof, Bayou Teche, Gordon Biersch, homebrewers, and even New Orleans Old Rum Distillery is donating to the cause! We'll have food: crawfish (hopefully to be sponsored), jambalaya from Crescent City Pie and Sausage, food from J'Anita's... raffle prizes- gift certificate, rare beers, gift baskets, and all sorts of stuff... music!

And we launched our ticket site yesterday: CHECK IT OUT!

So, anyway, that's what I'm up to these days. This town- you just go out for a beer and get pulled into the amazing generosity of the people here. Love!

If anyone wants to send me beer for tasting- we are still doing a Beer Advocate style tasting that Jeremy originally envisioned - let me know!

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