Friday, May 27, 2011

Post CT

First of all, welcome to all my relatives to whom I gave this blog address this week. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment. Also, feel free to check out my other blog, which focuses on beer- Beer Bitch. (It's a little saltier than this blog.)

While we were in Connecticut, I was able to try Five Guys Burgers a couple times-once during our layover in DC and then in Farmington. YUM.

We stayed at the Avon Old Farms Hotel, which has an excellent restaurant. We enjoyed eggs florentine, eggs benedict, huckleberry pancakes, granola, corned beef hash, fresh local apple cider, fresh squeezed OJ, and wonderful coffee for our 3 breakfasts there, and on our last night we checked them out for dinner.

We both started with the early season lobster bisque- mmm, so good. I tried the french style meatballs that I had seen raved about on Chowhound and Yelp- they came with fois gras in the sauce, and they were OK- the texture wasn't my thing, but damn, that foie was good. (I always get sucked in by fois gras.)

Tom had a cheddar/goat cheese and vegetable flatbread, and I had a seared scallop and beef shortrib dish with cauliflower "grits" (which, um... no. Just call it cauliflower) and spinach. Tasty.

For dessert, Tom had the preserved blackberry housemade ice cream and I had the wine and chocolate combo- the chocolate was dark chocolate and the wine was a late harvest zinfandel. Also some berries. The bartender brought me the dessert wine in a large wine glass, which I don't believe was the recommended serving size. Was OK, we had enough so that Tom could pour some over his ice cream. All quite delicious.

It was a nice meal, very low key, great service, and just the right vibe after the long hard day we had.

Flew home yesterday, and grabbed a chick-fil-a sandwich and a cup of Legal Seafood clam chowder (with fresh from the oven rolls) at the Philly airport during our layover.

Have been hanging out in my PJs with the cats all day so far, and am gonna just chill out. Maybe make some mashed potatoes and do some meal planning for the weekend. Yay, home.

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