Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jazz Festin' BRB

So last weekend and this weekend have been filled with Jazz Fest going. There's a lot to report with the music, the food, the culture, the important place of Jazz Fest in New Orleans tourism and for locals, the biking, the planning, etc., etc.

However, I will not have the time or energy to do so until after Jazz Fest is done.

I present to you in the meantime these food-related pictures from Jazz Fest!

So, they had excellent signage proclaiming their food wares:

And to be honest, I was too busy eating my food to take pictures of it, but I was able to take a picture of this:

Crawfish sack and crawfish beignets!

Other items eaten and drunk: mango ice, strawberry lemonade, crawfish bread, shrimp bread, trout baquet, crawfish bisque, fried crabcake with a smoked tomato and jalepeno tartar sauce, roman candy, rose mint iced tea, fried chicken, jambalaya, quail and pheasant gumbo, strawberry balsamico sorbetto, peach cobbler, iced cafe au lait, beer.

Still on my to-eat list: the lamb merguez, the crawfish strudel, gyro, curry chicken patty, crawfish monica, ya ka mein, frozen cafe au lait, and more that I can't remember. Should have eaten more today but I was too busy dozing under an enormous oak tree listening the the New Orleans Bingo! Show and Amanda Shaw & the Cute Guys.

Oh, just so it doesn't get lost in the Jazz Festing, I did actually have to go to work this week (on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and rewarded myself for this hardship by going to lunch at Boswell's, the Jamaican place on Tulane Ave. Got the jerk chicken and pork combo plate with mac & cheese and callalloo. Damn, it was good. Also got a pink Ting to wash it down with.

There was also some significant beer drinking at the Avenue Pub on Tuesday night followed by even more significant beer and whiskey drinking at Parasol's, but we also had the chance to try the "new" Parasol's roast beef poboy. It was pretty good, but we were pretty drunk, so we'll have to give that another try.

So, I'll be back after Jazz Fest winds down... stay tuned!

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