Friday, April 1, 2011

Twelve Mile Limit

Yesterday afternoon, due to some car repair shenanigans, I found myself on foot waiting for Tom to be done with work. I decided to hoof it over to Twelve Mile Limit, about a 20 minute walk from my office.

When I got there, I was the first customer to arrive and I ordered their Drink With No Name, which is still the Jamaican rum, Catdaddy moonshine, Fernet, and Carpano Antica vermouth. Lord, that's one tasty unnamed beverage. Cash Cab was on and we were all playing along. (Every weekday 12ML has a gameshow happy hour which take $1 off all house cocktails and draft beers during Cash Cab, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.)

It was a gorgeous day and the front door was propped open while I had a Great Idea, which is vodka, zwack, ginger beer, and... something. It's served in a highball and is nice and fizzy from the ginger beer so it was a great summery drink.

Tom showed up when I was working on my Twelve Mile Limit cocktail. He ordered the Great Idea (on my recommendation) and we decided to order a little food. I've been wanting to try to BBQ here since I started patronizing the place, but it just hasn't worked out. (BBQ is from Shorty's Texas Catering) We ended up trying both the pulled pork (with slaw) and brisket sliders, the "rockets" (jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and smoked, and a side of mac & cheese. Mmmmm. It was all really great, I especially liked the pulled pork sliders with the cole slaw and the rockets.

Twelve Mile Limit also carries "Debbie Does Doberge" doberge-style cupcakes and "dobites" (mini-cupcakes.) We decided to try a couple dobites- apparently the cupcakes were enormous and we were pretty full from the BBQ. Dobite flavor was red velvet- SO GOOD.

As we were eating and trying to figure out the new rules of Wheel of Fortune, Tom ordered a Unibroue Ephemere, while I had another Drink With No Name. Then the Simpsons came on! It was the Listen Lady/Mr. Sparkle episode. Everyone at the bar was watching and laughing which made it even better. I asked Cole to make me a Manhattan - sometimes the classics are just so perfect. Tom had a Brooklyn Lager.

We left during the Frank Grimes episode, on the "leave the party while you're still having fun" (especially on a Wednesday) theory. But it was really excellent drinking, eating, and socializing. Kicking back at the neighborhood bar at its finest.

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