Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Festing

Today we zipped out east to Chalmette in St. Bernard Parish for the Louisiana Crawfish Festival. Parked the car, walked through the carnival rides, shooting booths, and tents advertising two headed snakes and the world's smallest albino turtle. Came to a loooong line, which we originally thought was to enter the eating area, but was in fact for crawfish bread.

We bypassed the crawfish bread and went right to the good stuff. We ate a bunch of boiled crawfish right off the bat and then I had crawfish potatoes, which combined several of my favorite things: mashed potatoes, crawfish, and cheese. Nom! Wandering around the festival:


Also, some zydeco music:

Full of crawfish, we headed back to Orleans Parish and went to Hansen's. Stood in line on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon, waiting to get inside to be cooled by the fan and the dark. Then waiting more to get to the head of the line. The lady who did the toppings and the money recognized me from last summer with delight (which made me feel all part of the community!) Tom had the combo I had last week (cream of peach/ginger) and I tried satsuma/wild cherry combo. We stood outside Hansen's in the shade and ate up our Sno-Blizes quietly, feeling the ice cool us off from the inside out.

After grocery shopping, we got home and found a little lizard on our gate!

Aw, New Orleans.

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