Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hogs For the Cause, City Pork, and many other porcine puns

The perfect and gorgeous weather continues (though we do kind of need some rain at some point soon!). 70s and 80s, clear skies, breeze, not a trace of humidity.

Spring in New Orleans is even more awesome due to it being festival season! This weekend, Hogs For the Cause, the Louisiana Crawfish Festival, and the New Orleans Roadfood Festival all compete for our love, attention, affection, and dollars.

We are still moving pretty slow (Tom because he's exhausted and me because I went to go see Rue Fiya at BMC on Decatur last night and didn't get home till 2am) so we decided to only hit one thing today, and since Hogs For the Cause is only today, we decided to mosey down to City Pork (previously known as City Park) to give to the cause and eat some delicious pork goodness.

Well, the food was outstanding. I had several pulled pork tacos, some gumbo, grits, and a pulled pork sandwich with mustard-based BBQ sauce and potato salad on the side. I wish my stomach would have allowed me more, but I was quite satisfied and pleased as pork.


Tom with the flag of Piggy Stardust:

And more amusing signs by folks peddling their pork (some of them got really into it!)

Folks working hard (OR HARDLY WORKING AMIRITE????)

And this tent was particularly relishing its duty of porcine presentation:

To counteract those last photos, here is a bucolic view of one side of the Hogs For the Cause area at City Park, which was just lovely:

And here's Tom speculating on the probability of gators in said bucolic scenery:

I think that brings us up to speed on the weekend thus far. Hoping to hit the Crawfish Festival tomorrow in Chalmette! Till then, go out and eat like a New Orleanian!

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