Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting back in the groove

So, life after Mardi Gras is trudging along. Everyone is quiet and looks worn out, the trees along St. Charles are still resplendent with beads, but the ground is clean.

Last night I went to a Trumpet release party at one of our board member's home in the Pines Village neighborhood. Deanie's Seafood supplied the food but the host fried up fish on the spot, so it was freshly fried deliciousness. I stopped by Pizza Delicious on the way home to pick up a pizza... I had ordered earlier in the day, forgetting about the food that would be served at the party. Oh well- it keeps and reheats great.

Today, I tried to check out Twelve Mile Limit for lunch (they started serving BBQ for lunch Tuesday-Friday a few weeks ago), but the chef on call this week got into a scooter accident on Lundi Gras, so lunch is off till next week. I'll check back and report then...

Ended up at Crescent City Pie & Sausage. I had their duck confit meat pie and a bowl of their jambalaya. OMG YUM. Exactly what I needed.

Got some excellent news on my Facebook feed- Hansen's Sno Bliz is OPEN for the season! For the rest of March they will be open 1-7pm, Thursday-Sunday. In April, they'll expand to full time, which I imagine will be Tuesday-Sunday, 1-7pm.

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