Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras is over. I am tired, sunburned, achy, with heartburn and acid stomach. My throat is sore from screaming myself hoarse cajoling for beads and throws. My ass hurts from biking to and from the French Quarter, dodging the throngs of pedestrians, police officers, barricades, tour buses, and cars. It feels like my entire wardrobe has been soaked in beer, stained with daiquiris, discolored by beads, and glittered and feathered by my Mardi Gras boa. My calves ache from walking and standing and jumping up and down shouting "over here! over here!"

I've never felt better.

Here are some things I have learned this Mardi Gras season:

1) Always have a bathroom plan. Always.
2) Never assume you will be able to drive from one side of the city to the other.
3) Parades are fun for the whole family.
4) The only sin is standing directly in front of someone's encampment and blocking their view. Otherwise, let your freak flag fly.
5) It's a marathon. Pace yourself.

This morning we got up at 7am to get ready and walk over to the general area of the Avenue Pub to watch the Zulu parade from the sidewalk. Tom still wasn't feeling great (he caught a cold on Sunday) but he put on his gameface and we got our craft beer on while watching the parades. I was somewhat more restrained in my cajoling, or at least I meant to be; when it came down to it, though, I couldn't help myself. Got me another coconut! I suspect they are not as difficult to catch as the legend has led me to believe; a lot of folks got at least a half dozen. I could not get my hands on any of the black and gold zulu beads, though. Ah, well. Next year. (Along with a Muses shoe, I hope!)

Zulu pictures:

Then along came Rex:

We saw some interesting characters:

And got a lotta loot:

And now it's over. Sigh.

The title of this post is the date of next year's Mardi Gras- I am already counting down to it and I strongly suggest to everyone to think about it!

Hope you've all enjoyed my posts about my Mardi Gras adventures- I hope I've been able to convey the general scene to my peeps back home and I hope I've entertained the New Orleans locals with tales from a fresh perspective of my first Mardi Gras as a New Orleanian. I have no idea what I could possibly write about now that Mardi Gras is over, but I am sure after recovering for a few days I'll think of something.

Like St. Patrick's Day! Stay tuned... I do live in the Irish Channel after all, I hear that St. Paddy's is kind of a big deal around these parts...

Oh CRAP. No more king cake for the rest of the year!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome awesome AWESOME photos ! Hope to be able to take my own next time !!!!!!!!!!!!