Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad blogger, no biscuit

So, apparently Mardi Gras immediately followed by St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day broke me. I was in the bizarre position of having TOO MUCH AWESOME STUFF TO DO, and I just had no energy for it. Not sure what happened there, but I deeply regret missing the Mardi Gras Indians on St. Joseph's Day (after sundown), going to a St. Joseph's Day altar, and going to the Super Sunday Parade the day after St. Joseph's Day. It was like having fun became a chore. Ah, the perils of living in New Orleans.

I do NOT deeply regret staying home on St. Patrick's Day proper, because that's just a lot of drunk ass folks and I have come to regard St. P's as amateur day/night from my many years living in Boston.

Things I have dragged my tired carcass out to do:

* Attended a crawfish boil out at the Lower Ninth Ward Village complete with college kids freaking out about eating crawfish, an excellent brass band (Glen David Andrews) and a second line in the neighborhood!

* The Top of the Hops beer festival in Mandeville, LA (which I need to discuss on my beer blog still)

* First visit of the season to Hansen's!!! (Inaugural flavor combo: cream of peach and ginger, with condensed milk on top.)

* Went to Le Foret(upshot: food- good, service- crap, and atmosphere- stuffy.)

* Had a delightful time as usual at Restaurant Atchafalaya with 2 visiting friends

* Brought out of town guest to Boucherie, as I like to do. Had 2 of their duck small plates which were AWESOME (#1: duck liver mousse gougeres with "bahn mi" salad and housemade bacon; #2: crispy duck confit with hazelnut brioche pain perdue, grilled shallot kho, and local honeycomb. EYES ROLLING OUT OF HEAD IN PLEASURE, PEOPLE.)

* Enjoyed a daytime drinking session at the Avenue Pub complete with gorgeous weather and amazing British imported IPA (Thornbridge Jaipur IPA) (also needs to be discussed on the beer blog.)

* Discovered that the jambalaya at Crescent City Pie and Sausage Company contains crack in it, that's the only reasonable explanation why I am craving it so much these days.

* Went to Hollygrove Farms to pick up their weekly produce box, which included fresh Louisiana strawberries (in season now) which Tom turned into ice cream; kale and chard, which I used for lasagna; parsley, which has been used a bunch because it's, well, parsley; blood oranges, used for juice; radishes, arugula, and lettuce, used for salads; and turnips, cabbage, green onions, and Louisiana grown brown rice, which haven't been used for anything yet. Hoping to keep picking up produce there on a weekly basis, and maybe even start going back to the farmer's market to score other produce as well as local fish and shrimp.

* Made red beans this past Monday and they were pronounced my best yet. Yay! Also cooked a lasagna last night.

The spring weather here has been amazing. Even with the overabundance of awesome that apparently wears me out, it's been a glorious (if exhausting) month or so. Oddly, I am also looking forward to the sticky heat of the summertime, when everything sloooooows doooooown. But this weather is my favorite.

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