Friday, March 4, 2011

Babylon, Chaos, and Muses

We didn't go to the Druid parade on Wednesday, resting up for the weekend. (We did go to the Bulldog Uptown to sample NOLA Brewing's new Flambeau Red on cask on Tuesday, so we were also slightly hungover... went in for one, ended up with five.)

But we had planned weeks ago to go to the Avenue Pub for the parades- the owner had offered to open the balcony for a private party for her beer customers and we signed up right away. We thought it would be nice way to dip our toes into what we thought would be the craziness of the parades, sort of above the crowd. The funny thing is, based on my experience so far, the craziness is not at all threatening. It's so much fun.

Here are some pictures from the Babylon parade. Note the Flambeau bearers!

Now, Muses. Sadly, I have no photos of the parade because I was too busy running down to the sidewalk and waving my arms for throws and screaming like a crazy person. I did not get a famous shoe - the Muses crew decorates old shoes and they are a very valuable and high-status throw on par with the Zulu coconut - but someone next to me did, which was super cool! I did end up getting some awesome stuff like: a shoe bracelet, 2 light-up rings, a light-up bracelet, a How To Dance Like A Muse instruction manual, 3 different bags, 2 packages of Muse Silly Bandz, and a Muses refrigerator dress-up figure magnet. She is currently in her Wonder Woman attire. Also got some good beads- medallions and ones with shoe beads - and of course a crapload of regular beads.

Here I am with some of my bounty:

I really liked being out on the sidewalk. I made some friends and the crowd aspect was energizing rather than crazy or scary or out of control. I mean, it was kinda crazy. But in a good way.

Today (Saturday) is a kind of crap day, weather-wise. So the super krewe parade in Mid-City, Endimyion, is going to actually reschedule its parade to tomorrow and will be actually rolling in Uptown after Baccus. Lots of people are bummed, but I'm kind of excited to see Bacchus and Endimyion back to back. But it's hard here when traditions are not followed.

Went to Zulu last night. Still recovering. Was glorious. Will post report later today. Hopefully with pronouns.

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