Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet addiction

OK, I will soon stop enthusing about Pizza Delicious, but today is not that day.

I called in around 11:30 or so- the timing was slightly less precise than it was on Thursday, but that was fine. We arranged for a 6:30 pickup and we ordered: Greg & Mike's Homemade Meatball Pie, tomato and roast garlic w/ sauteed kale baked ziti (with pureed roasted garlic in tomato sauce and adding chopped up bits of spicy sauteed kale and then baking with lots of mozzarella.)

Also, the house salad, with the olives and the cheese and the tomatoes and the glavin.

And of course, king cake- they had 4 different flavors today and we availed ourselves of the apple & spice and the raspberry- both were so good!

Oh, we also ordered a cauliflower roll, which is, in their own words:
If you've never tried a roll, its our dough flattened out, layered with cheese and ...roasted cauliflower... and then rolled up and sliced and baked off until crispy. It's definitely a good time.

I kind of forgot about it because Tom and I tore into it after getting in the car and it was eaten within 3 blocks of the Pizza Delicious kitchen. Was definitely a good time.

In conclusion, the chefs at Pizza (Freakin') Delicious must put crack in their sauce because I have fallen deeply in lust with the food. And the fact that I can only get it twice a week only makes me want it more! Good thing I didn't try it when they were only serving once a week.

Damn, dudes. Now I have to do a Sophie's Choice every Sunday between my two favorite pop-ups, PD and MVB. I guess we'll do PD on Thursday and MVB on Sunday.

I think one of the reason I love both of these places so much is because the creators and chefs are New Orleanians who love food and want to add to the culinary tradition here- and they're doing it with their spare time! It's a labor of love, and I swear, you can taste the love at both these places as well as places like J'Anita's and Crescent City Pie and Sausage and Coquette and The Grocery. It's more addictive than the crack they all obviously add.

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