Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cochon Butcher

Have been intrigued this week by word of the Cochon Butcher's mini-king cakes. Since we don't do king cakes in my office, my king cake exposure is fairly limited. Sure, I can buy one from Haydel's or Sucre, or Rouses, but there's no way we can eat an entire full sized one.

Enter Cochon Butcher- their mini king cakes are perfect for 2 people! Also, instead of a plastic baby to put in, they provide a wee rubber piggy! Aw, it's cute.

(photo courtesy of NOLA.com)

There's actually a whole mini king cake trend happening this year, apparently. I still gotta get my hands on the Hubig king cake.

So last night I stopped by to investigate the king cake situation there, and ended up buying 2, because I was hungry and indecisive. Got the cinnamon (which is the most traditional, no filling kind) and the chocolate filled one. I needed to kill some time before picking Tom up from work, so I sat at the bar and had a Miss Piggy Does Bourbon Street cocktail- their homemade cherry lemonade with their own cherry bounce. Dang, it's so good that I had two. Not a bad night, start the evening with a couple cherry bounce lemonades and end it in jammies eating 2 different kinds of king cake.

Because I love chocolate, I really liked the chocolate filled one- it was basically high quality chocolate melted and poured into the center and hardened up. Nom. Didn't overwhelm the flavor of the cake itself. I kinda ate up most of the chocolate one and didn't have a lot of room left for the cinnamon one- but it was good. Spicy, yeasty, delicious.

Tonight, we weren't in the mood to cook or shop or go to a fancy place, so we stopped at the Butcher again, this time for dinner. I, of course, had a couple of the Miss Piggy Cocktails. Tom got the pastrami sandwich grilled up nice with sauerkraut and cheese. He enjoyed it, especially the bits of the meat and cheese that got a little crunchy from the grilling.

I had 2 small plates- their mac & cheese with pancetta, a dish I have had and loved before, as well as a special I snagged before it got 86'd- their duck & dumplings. Like chicken & dumplings but with duck. And DAMN THAT IS GOOD STUFF. If you ever see it on their specials, jump on board!

Got the last strawberry cream filled king cake to take home with us. I just had a piece and will have another as soon as I am finished with this blog entry- the strawberry filling is really good- it actually tastes like strawberries, but doesn't overwhelm the classic king cake flavor.

The only flavor I have left at Cochon Butcher is the praline, and I'm sure we'll get to that before the week is out.

Rest assured, I am doing all I can to sample as much king cake I can for your edification this Carnival season.

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