Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sushi Sushi at Sake Sake (also homebrewing)

Finally, I was able to get over the bridge to enjoy the sushi stylings of the famous Johnny, formerly of Little Tokyo in Metarie, and now at Sake Sake on the West Bank.

We got there and asked Johnny to just prepare us 3 special rolls, his choice. One was the Tropical Roll:

(photo from Sake Sake's Facebook page)

This had salmon, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, snowcrab, and mango on the inside wrapped in salmon and drizzled in Thai chili sauce.

The Little Tokyo Roll had salmon, tuna, and crab with roe on top, and the Spicy Girl had spicy tuna, crab, and was wrapped in a smoked white fish that may or may not have been escolar. (Can't remember).

All the rolls were so good! Very creative and bold flavors.

Afterward, we ran some boring errands before our fun errand at Brewstock to pick up homebrew supplies for an upcoming brewday! Looks like Tom will be brewing up an ESB. I can't wait.

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