Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday night and life's all right

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Headed to Twelve Mile Limit for "A Good Idea" which was vodka, zwack, ginger beer, bitters, lemon juice on the rocks in a highball glass. Then my personal favorite of this weeks' chalkboard specials, the Lexington. Two cocktails were a nice way to kick off Friday after work. I was in a pretty good mood afterward, as I went to collect Tom at his office.

After that, we went to The Avenue Pub, of course. St. Arnold's Elissa IPA was on cask, yay. I also had the Belgian Cantillon Fou' Foune. And another St. Arnold's, the Winter Stout.

In between, we sampled a couple amazing beers that are not available for sale in New Orleans. First up, the Bayou Teche Biere Noel, brewed with cherry bounce. This beer wasn't even actually distributed, really- just some bottles to friends in the industry. Awesome- I loved it. (stay tuned for more beer-centric thoughts in my beer blog.) Also a regular brought an IPA to share- Bell's Brewery Hopslam. Never had it before and I was really pleased to have the opportunity to try. I love being here- so many beer lovers trying to share everything they get their hands on. The beer scene is small but seriously passionate. And democratic! As long as you love beer, you're accepted and people will share with you. And you with them. In Boston, I feel like there's a beer "celebrity" hierarchy and a certain snobbishness. Here, people just love to drink beer and share it and talk about it. Sigh. Heaven.

For those who read both my blogs, fair warning- I may actually do a little c&p when writing up over there.

There are days here when I feel like I'm wasting living here because I'm just trying to get through the week- work all day, cook simple dinners at home, go to sleep early, and spend my weekends catching up on laundry, cleaning, shopping, and sleep. Could be doing that in Salem, in Vernon, in Columbus, in Schenectady, anywhere. Not New Orleans, right? Heh. Yeah. It happens!

But on a fairly frequent basis, we hang out and have amazing fun in uniquely New Orleans way. And I just bask in it.

On that note: everyone here is now obsessed with the JazzFest lineup! Can't wait!

I feel like I am in the city I was meant to be in.

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