Thursday, January 27, 2011

end of a weird week

OK, other than going to MVB for an excellent Benedict Burger on Sunday night (and waiting a good 45 minutes to do so) this week has been more or less a wash- I came down with a crappy cold in the middle of the workday on Monday and am just today recovering from it. Been eating burritos and chicken noodle soup for the most part.

So, here is a bit of a non-profit roundup:

First- Vote for the Lower Ninth Ward Village to win a Pepsi Refresh Grant! Sure, voting ends on Monday, and it would have been more effective to give this heads up earlier, but better late than never! Vote every day so that we can crack the top 100!!

Second- Historic Green did a little interview/profile on me which I hope does not come off as dorky and off-putting.

My aunt and uncle are coming into town (fingers crossed that there are no further weather delays) tomorrow and I am hoping to squire them about town for eating and drinking. The exciting challenge is that my uncle is a vegetarian- which in New Orleans can be tough. Stay tuned for that perspective!

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  1. Best of luck with the Brocker this weekend - but we took him out to a nice Lydia Shire restaurant for their anniversary that turned around his perspective of fine dining! He has new respect for the value of presentation, etc. . . rather than just seeing it as fussy. Hope that helps!