Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ellen's pictures

Ellen took some great pictures at the Metarie cemetery- and since I didn't even bring my camera, I will share hers with you guys, with her permission. Well... she didn't actually explicitly forbid it!

OK, so here's your typical New Orleans style cemetery scene (though Metarie is a bit fancier):

And here are some crazy things like pyramids with sphinxes:

And ladies and random kids looking sad, which...OK:

And also... a frog?

And stained glass figures with NO EYES or FACES so they look like SOULLESS ZOMBIES!!??!

And my very favorite crypt that has been haunting my dreams since I saw it:



Well, here's a picture to stave off nightmares, I think it's a gorgeous shot, plus Ellen titled it, "To Beignets! To Glory!" which, frankly, cracked me up.

Sweet dreams!

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