Sunday, January 9, 2011

The classics

I had a two excellent meals over the last few days at 2 of the most venerated restaurants in the city.

Lunch at August (Thursday, 1/6) was magnificent; salad with duck confit, shittake mushrooms, bacon with a hazelnut vinegarette followed by chicken filled anglionotti atop braised cabbage and winter vegetables, and a warm dark chocolate torte with white chocolate-rose ice cream and sour cherries. God, that was so, so good. I wish I could eat there every day.

Be warned, the price of the 3 courses (plus the signature sabayon amuse bouche plus the awesome fresh baked rolls plus the handmade peanut brittle and chocolate truffle that came with the check) has risen by 1 penny to $20.11.

Best deal in town. Apparently they now have a new cocktail menu- I didn't see it because I had iced tea (which is served, to my delight, with simple syrup) but the bartender seemed excited about it. (I was sitting at the bar for lunch.)

Today we had Sunday Jazz Brunch at Commander's Palace. We were seated (at my request) in the Garden Room, which is lovely- it's upstairs and is surrounded by glass windows so it overlooks all the greenery and landscaping in the courtyard.

I started with one of their signature cocktails, the Adelaide Swizzle, and ordered the Shrimp and Tasso Hennican (to which which the waiter commented approvingly, "that's the best item on the menu.") followed by Creole Beef Bourgignon with a potato croquette topped with a poached yard egg with Bordeaux hollandaise sauce. Both dishes were crazy good- the Hennican was spicy and salty and crispy and savory and oh me.

The beef was awesome- cooked almost to a stew like consistency with mushrooms. I only ate half of it because I had to save room for dessert, the Creole cream cheese cheesecake which was delicious. Creole cream cheese is much more tangy than regular cream cheese- it's more akin to sour cream than cream cheese. It made for a delightful cheesecake.

The jazz brunch is surely touristy but CP delivered on food and service for sure. Totally old school in the cuisine and the service flourishes, but it doesn't seem dated, it's a classic.

Oh yeah, and my leftovers were packaged up in a tin foil swan! Aww.

I like checking out new places but sometimes the classics are nice to come back to.

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