Monday, December 27, 2010

Pub Crawl Flash Mob

So, today we got home from Columbus (flight out was at 6:20 EST and we got home at around 10am CST.) Some friends of ours are in town and we all wanted a good, soul satisfying lunch, so we went to J'Anita's at the Rendon Inn.

Tom ordered the Monday red beans & rice special, I ordered the tomato basil soup and the Duck Sammich with No Name (side: fries), Liza ordered the side salad and the Best Fish Sammich Ever (side: also fries), and Justin ordered the Crispy Hog Balls and the Swamp Ruben (side: cheese grits with bacon.) Tom, Liza, and I all enjoyed a variety of NOLA Brewing beers (Hopitoulous, Irish Channel Stout, and NOLA Blonde.)

So, we get our order in, and we are literally the only people in there eating. (was a bit on the late side for lunch.) A few minutes afterward, Craig comes out and tells us that we got our orders in just in time, there's a huge pub crawl crowd en route.

No lie! Within about a half an hour, there were 80+ VERY DRUNK and BOISTEROUS folks dressed up in assorted costumes (which were centered around Saints colors/T-shirts.) It was hilarious. Jello shots and liquid shots both were consumed with abandon. People were drinking out of pitchers. As we were leaving, people had started migrating outside to start literally dancing in the street.

And of course the food and beer were absolutely wonderful. Including the lagniappe that appeared in the form of Kimmie's crawfish etoufee andouille crab rangoons. DAMN GURL.

Ah, New Orleans. So glad to be home.

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