Thursday, December 9, 2010

J'Anitas at the Rendon Inn

Made my way over to J'Anita's in their new digs at the Rendon Inn in Gert Town for lunch this week. They just started up last week at the Rendon Inn after parting ways with the Avenue Pub, which is where we first fell in love with their Duck With No Name Sandwich, Best Fish Sammich Ever, guacamole, cheese grits, burgers....mmmmm... wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah. J'Anita's was a bit of a victim of their own success over at the Avenue Pub and set out on a new adventure under the brand new management (like, less than 3 months I think) of the Rendon Inn.

I discovered that they started doing chicken fried steak (with garlic mashed potatoes and smothered green beans OMG OMG I KNOW RIGHT???) on Wednesdays so of course I had to go check it out- I missed the first week but I got it going on the second week, I tell you what.

It was So. Good. It was crazy good! For $7.50! They had this awesome white sauce and the steak had a panko crust so the texture was nice and light... bacon in those green beans... and you all know how I feel about mashed potatoes. I do admit I was perhaps less than at my full productive potential that afternoon at work though, what with the food coma and all.

Next time I will take a picture- it must be seen to be believed!

J'Anita's serves their menu for lunch and dinner and I believe any time in between. I highly recommend checking them out- they are still building a customer base out at the Rendon Inn so right now it's pretty quiet and quick. Get in at the ground floor- it'll be a while till they outgrow this kitchen. Good food, cheap, fast, and cooked with love.

Next time: Duck With No Name Sammich. Or the cheeseburger. Or, or, or....

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  1. This sounds like a perfect "meld" for all concerned. Can't wait to get to N.O. and check out the Rendon Inn and J'Anitas for some good drink and food. Wishing all concerned a successful future!!!!!