Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ethnic Cuisine! In New Orleans!

And it was good!!! Went to Cafe Abyssinia, an Ethiopian restaurant that recently opened on Magazine Street.

It's pretty low-key- it's set back from the street and it has only about 7 tables. Apparently there's only one cook in the kitchen so this is pretty much the maximum they can accommodate for the time being.

I ordered the vegetarian platter, which included all its vegetarian dishes: the Yemisr Wot (spicy lentils with onions); Kik Alicha (yellow split pea with ginger and garlic); Tikel Gomen (cabbage and carrots); Dinich Alicha (potatoes and carrots); and some sort of spinach dish. Served atop injera (a spongy, slightly sour flat bread made with a grain called teff) with plenty on the side. You use the injera to scoop up bites of the curry- no forks or knives, though it looked like they provided them upon request.

Tom ordered Awaze Tibs, a beef dish- really excellent with a spice that sort of snuck up on you. Very tasty.

Looks like all the vegetarian dishes are vegan, they specifically say that they are cooked in vegetable oil with no dairy products.

We ordered a pot of tea to go with our meal- spicy with cloves, it was a bit overwhelming when drinking it before our food was served, but went perfectly with the spices of the meat and vegetables.

Bill came- $33. Plus tip, it was a relaxing, delicious, comfortable, and soul satisfying meal that was absolutely a bargain in every way. I highly recommend.

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