Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mid-City BrewHaHa

Worked off my weekly Saturday morning hangover with a visit to the non-profit fundraiser, the 2nd Annual BrewHaHa for some beer, coffee, hot sausage po'boy, and craft fair/flea market shopping. I also ran into some of NPN's partner organizations like HandsOn New Orleans which was fun, keeping tabs on what was going on in that sphere of New Orleans.

We were sadly impatient and left before the Crescent City Pie & Sausage tent had their jambalaya ready, but we did enjoy several beers from NOLA Brewing, Bayou Teche, and Abita.

It was a lovely day, and we ran into several people we knew, which was nice. I like that we are starting to make friends, have a social circle.

A note: 6 months ago today, we arrived in New Orleans with our two cats to an empty house in the Irish Channel. We bought an air mattress at WalMart and slept our first night as residents of this crazy awesome city.

It's been a hell of a six months, and I'm so glad to be here! The weather's been glorious, and life is good. Really good.

Tomorrow: Stay tuned for the 4th Annual New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival!

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