Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving wrap up

So, my Thanksgiving feast did not feature any New Orleans-Southern-specific items like stuffed mirliton or oyster dressing, but it was awesome all the same! Thanks to Trey and Kara for hosting a wonderful Saintsgiving. Also, Saints won! By the skin of their teeth, but a win is a win is a win. WHO DAT!

Am currently rubbing my belly in the aftermath of Sunday dinner at Mandina's. I started with the oyster and artichoke chowder, which was not to my tastes. I think I actually do not care for artichokes as much as I thought I did. The oysters were fine, though, but the chowder was a bit on the thick and gloppy side. Tom had the seafood gumbo, which he liked, and our friends split a bowl of the turtle soup (served with a drizzle of sherry) which I'd had before and enjoyed greatly.

Tom and I switched up what we usually order. I got the trout muniere, and he got the spaghetti with chicken Parmesan. The trout was great- fried up nicely, fresh fish, brown butter sauce on top. It was, of course, enormous, as was Tom's chicken parm.

The entrees came with a salad to start, garlic french bread, and bread pudding to end. It was all well and good- nothing too fancy, but good ole comfort food. We tried the Abita Christmas Ale and actually enjoyed it. I'm not the biggest Abita fan, but I definitely have enjoyed the Fall Fest that came out a couple months ago as well as this Christmas Ale.

After dinner, we drove around the corner to Brocato's and had some lemon ice- Tom and I got cannolis to take home but I am afraid I cannot eat mine before going to bed due to still attempting to digest soup, salad, giant entree, and 2 desserts. But it seems that it is now on a plate in front of me, next to a glass of egg nog.

Let the holiday season begin!

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