Saturday, November 20, 2010

So full, so sleepy.

After a sit down at The Village Community Center in the Lower 9th, Tom, Sarah, Brennan, and I drove down to St. Bernard Parish in Chalmette for some food at Rocky and Carlos (Ladies Invited!). Mack recommended the po'boys, so Tom had the fried oyster po'boy, Sarah and Brennan split the shrimp po'boy, and I (god help me) had the french fry po'boy. We also had (between the four of us) the famous macaroni (and cheese), eggplant dressing (Sarah: Oh my god, this eggplant is so meaty and delicious, like it has meat in it! Does it have meat in it? Waitress: Yep!) red beans & rice, cabbage, spumoni pie/cake, and a lemon-berry marscapone cheese cake.

Hot damn, that was a lot of tasty food. Rocky & Carlos is a family-owned New Orlean-style Italian joint with many delicious looking and smelling trays of food, an extensive po'boy menu, a full bar, italian desserts, and mains + three sides specials. Lots of families, the LSU game on the TV, The Claw-style prize games, video poker.

We sat at a table in the rays of the late afternoon and ate until we couldn't eat anymore, told stories, and laughed a lot. I look forward to returning for delicious homestyle cooking made with love, Creole Italian-style.

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