Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pop Up

The Pop Up is a trendy trend in food service- a kitchen crew that pops up somewhere unexpected and serves food once a week (for example) until they run out. I'd heard of Pizza Delicious, which is an organization in the Marigny who serves pizza on Sunday, and on Sunday only. They work out a relatively limited/focused menu and post it on their blog/Facebook/Twitter a few days ahead of time, and put out pizza all evening/night.

For the last few weeks, we've been wanting to check out the pop-up burger joint that's been inhabiting Slim Goodies here in the Irish Channel on Sunday nights. Slim Goodies does breakfast and lunch daily, closing at 3pm. MVB (Most Valuable Burger) comes in at 5pm and flips burgers, fries fries, and mixes shakes until they run out of food or customers, whichever comes first. I believe they have tended to run out of food so far.

MVB is the brainchild of the folks behind Blackened Out and Joel Dondis (of Sucre and Grand Isle). I've been enjoying reading Blackened Out for some months now (I think I found them when I was trying to locate the taco truck on South Claiborne. Mmmm, tripe.) I signed up to get their FB updates and have been tempted every week since.

When we walked over from Kara's after the game (WHO DAT!) this evening (with our folding chairs slung over our backs, natch) there was a bit of a wait. I wasn't surprised, though. I have heard that Pizza Delicious is like near cult status and has the long wait times for pie turnaround to prove it. I think one of the reasons that the pop-up is so popular is that people love these kind of underground one-night-only things, they feel special if they're in the know. It's like the thrill of a legal speakeasy. Anyway, we put our name in and was told that there would be a 20 minute wait. We were actually seated in about 10-12 minutes at the counter, which was a lot of fun because I love watching food get made! I always prefer sitting at the bar.

We'd already decided to both order the cheeseburger, which was a good thing 'cause the special sold out shortly after we were seated. They had a combo special: burger, fries, and shake/malt for $13. I had chocolate and Tom had vanilla malt. That was the chocolaty-ist milkshake I have ever had- pure chocolate bliss. Tom was pleased with his vanilla malt.

One of our orders of fries had a sprinkling of rosemary on it- the expediter who was right next to us asked us if we'd like that and we were all, "HELLS YEAH!" I love rosemary fries. The fries were fresh cut, fried in small batches, well seasoned, and, most importantly were browned and crisped up nice. The burgers came out medium- that's the default temp, and that's how I like my burger cooked. Ah, beautiful synchronicity. (It's actually hard to get a burger cooked medium, in my experience.) And the cheeseburgers were delightful. Juicy, flavorful, on a really great grilled bun that was soft but didn't get soggy from the beef juices and condiments, with enough toppings but not too much.

It was a tad on the thick side from what I consider to be my Platonic ideal burger, but that's a pretty tiny nitpick. There was a slight service snafu, but nothing that wasn't acknowledged and remedied quickly, and really barely worth mentioning. I am actually only mentioning it to try to not have this be a total ass-kissy entry (FAIL) because OMG YOU GUYS I GOT RECOGNIZED BY RENE, THE EXPEDITER AT MVB AND CO-BLOGGER OF BLACKENED OUT! He asked how the food was on our way out, and then he said, "you're Nora, right, with the blog? I read it regularly!" I practically had a blogasm, guys.

DUDES I DID NOT EVEN HAVE MY FLOPPY HAT ON. I am New Orleans food blog internet famous! Kind of! OK, not really. But I don't even think my friends and family read my ramblings, let alone strangers, let alone recognize me. OMG, must stop plotzing.


  1. This stranger reads your blog. Came across it one day and just started reading. It gives me the "flavor" of a city I love, but don't get to often enough.

  2. Hey, we ended up having Pizza Delicious that night! And it was. They have cheese and pepperoni slices for walk-ins, as well as garlic knots and pepperoni or broccoli rolls, so we got an assortment. Pretty darn delish! The pizza sauce is slightly spicy, which was awesome, and the garlic knots are itty bitty little mouthfuls of pure garlicky heaven. A++ WOULD NOM AGAIN.