Thursday, November 18, 2010

New restaurant on the block - Dominique's

Tonight we took a friend from out of town to this new place on Magazine Street, Dominique's. Chef Dominique Macquet (who used to cook in a fancy eponymously named hotel restaurant in the Quarter till a couple years ago) just opened a place Uptown at 4729 Magazine Street (right next to Le Bon Temps Roule, pretty much) maybe about a month and a half ago?

From Yelp: "Chef Dominique Macquet has partnered with Mauricio Andrade to open an amazing new fine dining experience Uptown on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Featuring wonderful fresh, local ingredients the dishes show French, Creole, and Nouveau influences in a beautifully renovated cottage."

We called for a reservation on Tuesday, they were able to get us in easily, but the joint was hopping by the time we got there. Service was pretty good, they were balancing a couple large-ish parties deftly with the regular 2- and 3- tops.

Appetizers: my 2 dining companions had the young arugula and oven-dried tomato salad, I had the duck fat fried chicken with a macaroni and cheese, um, croquette. Well, more like a patty. A patty sized croquette. Anyway, it was pretty much the best fried chicken I've ever had and one of my favorite appetizers in the history of ever.

Entrees: Tom had the black drum with corn and mirliton risotto, I had the roasted and cured leg of lamb "farsi" with oven dried tomatoes, melted leeks, and olive oil whipped potatoes. Also some roasted carrots and the whole thing came covered in arugula with something savory and crunchy like... lardons? but ligter and crunchier. Lamb cracklings? I wasn't expecting that, but it was fine. Our friend from out of town had the Maple Leaf duck with parsnip puree. Damn, a good parsnip puree is just the essence of late autumn.

It was all super tasty- we definitely enjoyed our entrees- they were great ingredients, executed very very well.

For dessert, Tom had the lemongrass panna cotta with passionfruit coulis, I had the swiss chocolate volcano, and our dining companion had the goat cheese cake with "Honey from the Hood, by Dr. Brobson Lutz, Beekeeper." Also, they brought out a stick of cotton candy, which was so funny and random. And, well, unexpectedly delicious. Out of the desserts, which were all amazing, the panna cotta was by far the awesomest. It was served in a martini glass and the coulis was absolutely marvelous.

Had a couple cocktails- Tom had a Chimay beer, I had 2 of something called a "Le Jardin" which had gin, port, and Geneivieve liquor? It was on the rocks and really yummy. DC had an old fashioned, which was made with their fancy cane syrup.

It was nice- a great space, great food, not pretentious, and a fun, bustling vibe. The menu was exciting and approachable, and the prices reasonable. Also: cotton candy!

I'd definitely go again.

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