Monday, November 22, 2010

Crescent City Pie & Sausage drive-by

Went to lunch at CCP&S this afternoon and partook in 2 of their specials: a chicken and spicy sausage gumbo (really, anything that has their sausage in it is worth trying, as it is made and smoked in house.) Yum. Spicy and so comforting.

Also a pizza with duck confit, mushrooms, brie, and truffle oil. OMG. Fan-freaking-tastic. I love each and every one of those individual ingredients, and combined on top of a thin crispy crust was exponentially awesome.

Well done CCP&S! I brought home half the pie and heated it in my oven and it came out great for a pre-supper snack shared with Tom.

I highly recommend going for their specials if something calls to you- they are always so well executed and imaginative. It's actually been a while since I ordered off the menu.

Duck confit pizza with brie and truffle oil! And mushrooms! I swear, that guy's like a genius.

Shout out to Billy, whose lunchtime conversation while I eat and he works behind the bar is always part of the fun of going to lunch at CCP&S. He always leans in conspiratorially and says, "soooo, we've got a few specials going on today..."

And special they are!

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