Wednesday, November 3, 2010

back to basics?

I know I've been kind of meandering off my original mission to report on the eating and drinking here in New Orleans, but I've been discovering that the food and drinking is tied to a way of life that is often really difficult to articulate. And my attempts to do so have probably been coming off as long winded pontificating.

I've still been getting out and trying new places: we ate out at Rambla the other night to celebrate Tom's promotion (tapas- pretty good, would like to try more); went to Le Bon Temps Roule for the official NOLA Brewing Irish Channel Stout premiere/unveiling; tried the Tuesday night Pub Quiz at The Avenue; checked out Mat & Naddie's (Uptown) a couple times for their "It's All Good" lunch buffet (good food, and excellent housemade raspberry iced tea); cautiously attempted another Chinese delivery place, Red Star (meh); found a Indian buffet close to work in Metarie (also meh); WENT TO METARIE! (heh.)

OK, we need to get out more.

Have returned to some favorites: I did have an amazing lunch at August a few weeks ago- they served this amazing celery root and apple soup with lardons which was earthy, sweet, salty. Also their take on grits and grillades and a chocolate pudding. Man, so awesome. I've also been going to Crescent City Pie and Sausage on Wednesdays for their soup-salad-sandwich special. Last week it was pumpkin soup with a spicy black bean mole and today it was a red bean soup with mustard greens and kale. Comes with a grilled cheese, can't go wrong with that. Circled back to Boucherie for lunch - boudin balls, duck confit po'boy, and mocha ice cream. Also got back to Willie Mae's one day for fried chicken again- still so good! (Just get there early.) Tried the homemade spaghetti with guanciale and a fried poached egg at Herbsaint- the egg was a-mazing (literally, poached then breaded and fried) but the pasta/bacon was a little over-seasoned. (and I love salt!) Tried the enchiladas at Juan's for the first time- thumbs up. Got hammered in a sophisticated style one night after the Avenue - walked over to Coquette, had a couple of delicious cocktails (the current incarnation of the Coquette Collins for me, the 12 Mile High for Tom) and nibbled on some appetizers. I continue to be psyched that Coquette is so close to us and is practically perfect in every way.

Mostly, work has got me (both of us, really) so beat that it's been hard for us to be adventurous. I need to change that. We have some Groupons/Living Social deals for some cool places: the Eiffel Society, Le Meritage, Dick & Jenny's, Little Vic's Gelateria (warning: Flash), the Bridge Lounge, and The Grocery on St. Charles Avenue. I want to check out Chickie Wah Wah's (warning: music) and the Citron Bistro. The Citron Bistro is having a Rebirth Brass Band concert with food - Louisiana "plate special" - just made our reservations for that today. Crescent City Pie and Sausage have started up beer dinners, it seems- next week will be NOLA Brewing, and the week after that will be Stone.

We need to make sure we don't get into a rut- a New Orleans rut is likely more fun than any rut I've ever experienced before, but still a rut. And, obviously, I need to make sure that I keep up the reports here!


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